Super Visa for parents and grandparents Visa

January 12, 2021 — Super Visa for parents and grandparents (PGP) has finished issuing invitations to candidates for the 2020 intake. Those who submitted their interest to sponsor form during the intake period in November 2020 were eligible to receive invitations through the randomized lottery selection system.

Hopeful recipients are encouraged to check their spam folders and ensure they’re checking the email address included on their interest to sponsor form. Invitation status can also be checked by logging into IRCC’s website. Invited applicants will have 60 days to submit their complete application.

While it is disappointing for those who did not receive an invitation, there will be another intake round in 2021. The 2021 intake will accept 30,000 applications, a record-high number for the program.

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The Super Visa for parents and grandparents Canada allows parents and grandparents of Canadian citizens and permanent residents to visit Canada for extended periods.

Super visas typically grant entry to Canada for up to two years, with the ability to apply for extensions of one year at a time.

Who is it for?

Super Visa for parents and grandparents of Canadian citizens and permanent residents who want to visit Canada for lengthy periods.

Do applicants need insurance?

Yes, all applicants are required to purchase private medical insurance before landing in Canada. Best Quote provides this service for Super Visa holders.

Who can help?

View our Book an Immigration Consultant page for a list of recommended experts. For a video overview of the Super Visa, check out this video from one of our recommended Canadian immigration consultants, Deanne Acres-Lans from Canada Abroad: Since first being introduced in 2011, the Super Visa has allowed many thousands of international parents and grandparents to come to Canada for extended periods, benefiting families and communities across the country, not just socially, but economically too. For example, by their presence in Canada parents and grandparents of adult children can help with taking care of infants, allowing working-age immigrants and naturalized citizens to take a full part in the Canadian labour force.

The spouse or common-law partner of an applicant may also come to Canada on the same status, but other dependants may not.

It should be noted that Super Visa holders are not allowed to work in Canada. There is a permanent residence program for Super Visa for parents and grandparents; however, there is a limited supply of visas under this program, and applications can take a long time to be processed.